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Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the library open and why is it closed sometimes?
The library is open each school day from 7:00-3:30. Occasionally, the library may be closed because of a special event such as meetings or testing. Every effort will be made to post these closures in advance, but we can't guarantee such notice. Therefore, please do not wait until the day a paper/project is due to finish and/or print it.

How do I get a username and password so I can use the school computers?
Your username is the first five letters of your last name + ID#. You can now change your own password for logging into school computers as well as Canvas, Self-Serve, your AISD Google account by going to See Mrs. Severns or Mrs. Korenek in the library if you need help.

How do I log into my Google account or into a Chromebook?
Your username is the first five letters of your last name +

Can I use the library computers to work on school assignments?
Yes! Any computer may be used by students for school assignments unless they are reserved for a class. Please do not use the computers that are hooked up to scanners unless you need to scan something and avoid the Go Center computers. Be sure you save your work to your U:// drive which has your username next to it. Save to a flash drive or your email just in case!

Why can't we play games, chat, email, surf the internet, stream/download music/video/toolbars/programs?
The AISD Acceptable Usage policy states that all school computers are to be used for educational purposes only. (You may find this on the AISD website.) For each person on the internet in the district at one time, the internet slows down, especially when people are downloading items. Additionally, computers would fill up quickly if they were used for purposes other than academic ones, and we need to make sure that all students have the opportunity to complete their school research and assignments. Students may use email for the purpose of emailing assignments or for checking the status of college and scholarship applications. If you need help locating scholarships, click on the link to the left for Scholarship & Financial Aid or visit the counseling office. You may stream or download music or video for school assignments. Please do not download toolbars and programs since they often have malicious software attached. If you need to download a program to complete an assignment, ask Mrs. Severns for permission.

Can I print out my work? What does it cost?
Yes, you may use the library's printers for academic purposes. Black and white copies cost .05 for text each page, .10 each page if there are graphics. Color printouts are .20 per page. Please click on file and print preview to see how many pages will print. You may want to copy and paste only what you need into Word, especially if a webpage has a lot of banners or ads. Choose the circulation desk printer if you're printing in black and white. Choose the color printer for color printouts only.

Do you have a copy machine?
Yes. Copies are .10 a page. The copy machine is located in front of Mrs. Severns' and Mrs. Korenek's office.

How do I find a book on a particular subject?
Go to, click on the catalog tab to search. Copy the call number under the book and search the shelves. Please ask for help if you need it. We also have two PDF scanners attached to computers behind the circulation desk which allow you to scan in documents and either save or print them.

How much are overdue fines?
Overdue books are .10/day for regular books and .50 for reference books (those that are in the reference area). If you return a book with water damage or other significant damage, you will be required to pay to replace the book.

What if I can't find a book I checked out or I loaned the book to someone who lost it?
Ask Mrs. Severns or Mrs. Korenek in the library how much the book cost and pay them for the book. If you would prefer to bring in an identical copy of the book in very good or new condition, you may also do that.

Can I buy school supplies in the library?
Yes, you may purchase poster board for $.50 each and envelopes for .10 each. We also sell earbuds for 1.50. Please bring your other supplies with you.

What happens if I violate the behavior expectations or school/district policies?
The first violation of library expectations is a warning. The second will result in a behavior contract. The third results in a parent phone call. Thereafter, a referral will be written. For serious violations such as the viewing of inappropriate materials, insubordination/disrespect, harassment, fighting, destruction of property, theft, etc., a referral may be written immediately and dismissal from the library. Please see the bottom of this page for the library's behavior matrix and review the school handbook/district code of conduct.

Can I use my own device in the library?
You are welcome to use your own device before or after school or during lunch. However, it must remain on silent or you must use earbuds or headphones. You must also adhere to all school BYOT guidelines. If you are in the library with a teacher or your teacher sent you to the library, you must follow that particular teacher's BYOT rules. Please do not leave your devices unattended. We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. If an item is lost or stolen, please report it to the librarian and your assistant principal as soon as possible.

Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you are unsure what is allowed or not allowed. We're happy to help! :)

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