EBSCO ebooks

Over 200,000 ebooks divided into 6 distinct collections!Click on one of the collections below and log in.

Use the username and password from the database list to access.Please note that EBSCOhost Databases are different from EBSCO ebooks and require a different username and password.
Database/ebook Usernames and Password List:
You must user your AISD Google username and password to access the list.

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Instructions for Downloading EBSCO ebooks
Click on "authorize" when you first open the app and search for Arlington Ind. School District in the Locator.

Device Compatibility List

Follett ebooks

Accessing Follett ebooks and audiobooks on a computer/laptop:

Just go to http://gofollett.com and log in with your ID number for the username and password. If you're a teacher, put the letter e right before your ID#.

Accessing Follett ebooks and audiobooks on your device with the Destiny Discover app:

1. Download the Destiny Discover app on your device from iTunes (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
2. When asked to log in, choose Texas for the state and type Martin High School. Be sure to choose the one in Arlington, TX.
3. Use your ID# for the username and password. If you're a teacher, put the letter e right before your ID#.

Confused? See Mrs. Severns in the library.

Faculty, to access AISD’s professional ebook collection, go to http://destiny.aisd.net. Click on the District Professional Library link at the bottom. Then click on the login button in the upper right hand corner. Your username is e+faculty ID# and your password is e+faculty ID#. (Do not insert any spaces or special characters.) Click on the catalog tab to look up an ebook by title, author, or keyword. If you would rather browse the collection, select ebook from the material type drop down menu and hit enter. There are over two thousand ebooks in this collection, including some from Gale. If you are prompted for an additional password for a Gale book, see Mrs. Severns for the password or help yourself to a copy of the logins and passwords on the circulation desk.

You can also check out all sorts of ebooks and audiobooks online from the Arlington Public Library and download them to your ereader! Their collection is available to all AISD students and teachers regardless of whether you live in Arlington or not. You must go into one of the branch libraries to sign up for a library card, however. Once you have an Arlington Public Library card, download Overdrive to download ebooks and audiobooks online. See Mrs. Severns for more help.

Classic books can also be found at:

http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page (different versions to choose from such as html or kindle)

http://www.classicreader.com/ (Their typeface is easy on the eyes.)

http://www.read.gov/ (Books have been scanned in so you can see the actual pages and illustrations!)

Other Free ebook sites:

https://books.google.com/ (You can view parts of books for free at Google Books.)

Facts on File ebook Infobase (Use the same password you use to access the Facts on File databases.)

Free audiobooks Online:


http://librivox.org/ (Audiobooks)